Systems Engineer

Location: Fort Meade, Maryland
Date Posted: 09-13-2017
Job Description:
This position provides systems engineering support and related services to a Cryptographic Products Modernization Program.
  • Assist in planning and designing the network and security architectures for a system-of-systems that implements innovative information technology and automated processes to enhance security of operations, reduces human touchpoints, and improves efficiency and sustainability of the product ordering, generation, production, and distribution systems. In addition, the contractor shall assist in drafting any documentation required to support this planning and design work.
  • Provide systems engineering and architecture support in the areas of architecture and standards, systems engineering integration, evaluation and testing, systems engineering implementation, and application services to the program.
  • Identify, analyze, and recommend potential network and security architectures for the underlying infrastructure on which the organization will develop, test, and operate lifecycle of physical production from ordering through production and distribution.
  • Document the pros and cons of each design option and describe potential risks (interoperability, feasibility, system flexibility, sustainability, maintainability, technology maturity levels, system security vulnerabilities, likelihood of achieving the program’s KSAs and KPPs for each option.
  • Analyze the user requirements, concept of operations, and high-level system architectures to develop system requirement specifications.
  • Assist with the development of system requirements and functional requirements, as well as assist with deriving lower-level requirements from higher-level allocated requirements.
  • Analyze and propose appropriate engineering standards and processes for a project.
  • Assist in developing new or innovative approach to a technical or engineering issue.
  • Perform systems engineering activities and assist in the preparation of work products in Technical Process Areas associated with ISA/IEC 15288.
  • Perform analysis of technical alternatives for a project and make preliminary recommendations.
  • Assist with generating alternative system concepts, physical architecture, and design solutions.
  • Develop system architecture and system design documentation.
  • Assist with the preparation of system engineering management plans and system integration and test plans.
  • Develop system design solutions that satisfy system requirements and fulfill the functional analysis.
  • Develop derived requirements for Information Assurance Services (confidentiality, integrity, non-repudiation, and availability), Basic Information Assurance Mechanisms (e.g. identification, authentication, access control, accountability) and Security Mechanism Technology (passwords, cryptography, discretionary access control, mandatory access control, hashing, key management, etc.).
  • Provide technical recommendations for the development, engineering, interfacing, integration, and testing of all components of complex hardware/software systems to include requirement elucidation, analysis and functional allocation, conducting system requirement reviews, developing concepts of operation and interface standards, developing system architectures, and performing technical/non0technical assessment and management, as well as end-to-end flow analysis.
  • Develop operation views, technical standard views, and system and services views for architectures using applicable DoDAF standards.
  • Provide support for proposing, coordinating, implementing, and enforcing information system security policies, standards, and methodologies.
  • Assist with the evaluation of security solutions to ensure that they meet security requirements for processing classified information in coordination with the Information Systems Security Manager.
  • Provide configuration management for information system security software, hardware, and firmware.
  • Analyze user requirements to derive software design and performance requirements.
  • Write or review software and system documentation.
  • Develop software solutions by analyzing system performance standards; confer with users or systems engineers; analyze system flow, data usage, and work processes; and investigate problem areas.
  • Assist in evaluating interoperability issues and recommend resolution strategies.
  • Assist in identifying process improvement, engineering methodologies, and principles to effectively improve and align enterprise-level processes.
  • Evaluate systems engineering and software engineering processes to address problems with process work flows, organizational structure, alignment, and planning.
  • Prepare, review, revise, and maintain technical documents, including software and systems engineering, systems operations, testing, and user documentation.
Individual Capabilities Required:
Bachelor’s degree in a qualified engineering field or a related discipline from an accredited college or university with a minimum of 10 years of general systems engineering experience, a Master’s degree or PhD in a qualified engineering field or a related discipline from an accredited college or university with a minimum of 8 years of general systems engineering experience, or a high school diploma or GED with a minimum of 14 years of general systems engineering experience.
Required capabilities:
  • Experience coordinating development projects.
  • Analysis of design and implementation alternatives, tradeoffs, and recommendations.
  • Analysis of functional, system, and non-functional requirements, data flows, and dependencies
  • Architecture experience (DoDAF).
  • Strong oral, written and interpersonal communications skills.
  • Ability to work within a team setting to complete assigned tasks within expected schedule to complete.
  • Flexible/easily adaptable within a dynamic work environment that may require surge efforts
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