Location: Western Asia, Middle East
Date Posted: 10-19-2017
Linguist support necessary to transcribe, translate and/or interpret information in support of U.S. operations in the CENTCOM area of responsibility (Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Yemen, and others).
Positions require linguists to work a 12-hour shift. The required linguist support services do not have predefined or predictable hours, or duration. The contractor may be required, in the event of extraordinary conditions, to provide linguists services up to 24-hours per day, seven (7)-days per week. During ordinary conditions in a contingency environment, linguists shall work at their assigned site for a minimum of eight (8)-hours per day, which can be extended up to a total of twelve (12)-hours per day and to on-call status for the remaining 12-hours.
Additionally, personnel may be required to live and work in harsh and hostile environments (to include combat operations), and may be required to remain in the area of military operations for the duration of that mission. Linguists shall be physically and mentally prepared to endure extended periods outdoors in all weather conditions while accompanying U.S. Forces on various missions in full protective gear (body armor and helmet). Travel may include transport via small aircraft, rotary craft, ground vehicles (MRAP, HUMVEE, commercial vehicle, etc.), or water craft in a wide variety of environments including high winds, rough terrain, and high altitude.
CAT I, CAT II, and CAT III level linguists desired. Minimum proficiency in the required language of an ILR level 3/3 and a working proficiency in English (ILR level 2+).
Management and linguist support needed.
Required Languages:
Arabic-Iraqi (DG)
Kurdish (KU)
Arabic-Modern Standard (AD)
Arabic-Eastern (Levatine Dialect) (QE)
Others, including Malayalam (MN), Pashtu (PU), Urdu (UR), Hindi (HJ), Kurdish-Kurmanji (XK), Persian Farsi (PF)
Linguists with capabilities in multiple languages highly desired - examples:
Arabic Iraqi / Kurdish (DG/KU)
Arabic - Eastern (Levantine Dialect) / Kurdish-Kurmanji (QE/XK)
Place of performance:
While the primary places of performance are in Bagdad, Iraq and Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, candidates must be aware that performance may be required at austere locations outside of these primary areas.
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