Dataflow Engineer

Location: Fort Meade, Maryland, United States
Date Posted: 06-06-2018
Minimum five (5) years systems engineering experience with SIGINT systems.
Within the last seven (7) years:
A minimum five (5) years experience in at least 4 of these specializations (A BS degree in engineering, telecommunications, or related technical field may be substituted for experience in one specialization):
Signal Analysis; Telecom Systems and Networks, Telephony Switching; Communications Systems; Cellular/PCS; TDM/PCM Multiplexing / Modulating Systems; Packet Switching Systems; Systems Engineering; Operating Systems; Advanced Protocols (SIP, MPLS, ASON, OTN, etc.).

Within the last seven (7) years:
A minimum five (5) years experience in development and integration of SIGINT systems.

Within the last five (5) years:
A minimum of three (3) years experience in at least 3 of the specializations listed in table D:

The candidate will be focused on dataflow engineering relating to deployed customer systems.  Successful candidate will be responsible for setting up, maintaining, validating and troubleshooting all dataflows to/from deployed and test systems, from the field system through customer backend repositories.   ‚ÄčIn addition to fully qualifying against the labor category requirements, candidates must have thorough NIFI Experience (beyond basic familiarity) and be familiar with the Customer's dataflow organization.  Candidate should also have experience with Data Mapping. Candidates with NATUREPRESERVE/BLOODYMARY Experience and experience with XKEYSCORE are HIGHLY desired.  We may also be able to accept the ‘right candidate’ in the Senior Engineer Labor Category.
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