Senior Mission Support Specialist

Location: Fort Meade, Maryland, United States
Date Posted: 04-17-2018
Position Requirements:
The Senior Mission Support Specialist will assist the Collection Management Branch.
The candidate shall have hands on experience with system tasking, configuration, number normalization, survey, and basic signal analysis, interpretation of system health indicators and parameters, and data flow processes.
The candidate shall provide mission manager support to systems and networks by using the customer's enterprise repositories to:
•provide value assessments based on collection and reporting trends
•derive network knowledge of the collection environment to meet the customer's strategic and mission prioritized needs
•partner with system engineers to design, integrate, and deploy additional system capabilities to further the system's mission performance
The candidate shall have 5 years’ experience with specialization in at least 2 of the following areas:
•Signal Analysis
•Modern Telecommunications Systems/Networks
•Telephony Switching Systems
•Internet Communication protocols
•Cellular/Personal Communication Systems

Position Responsibilities
Responsible for developing strategies and recommendations for optimization of collection.
Trouble shooting signal and data-flows related to SIGINT systems.
Define system requirements, developing technical solutions, functional analysis, conduct trade studies and perform test and evaluation activities.
Responsible for SIGINT system and subsystem level tasking, configuration, normalization, survey, equipment configuration, basic signal analysis, interpretation of system health indications and parameters and routing process.
Concept design, fabrication, software integration and configuration, HW/SW testing, and installation.

Basic Qualifications
Bachelor's degree (or equivalent work experience) and 5+ years of experience.
Candidate must possess knowledge of National SIGINT Requirements Process, SIGINT collection systems, and corporate enterprise repositories.
Candidate should have experience with SIGINT Systems Engineering support, as well as SIGINT Systems Integration.
Experience with customer’s enterprise repositories to validate data flow.
Experience with any of the following: Signal Analysis, Modern Telecommunication System/Networks, Telephony Switching Systems, Communications Systems or Cellular/Personal Communication Systems.
Experience with any of the following SIGINT tools: MARINA, PINWALE, NUCLEON, SCORPIOFORE, and ANCHORY

Preferred Qualifications
Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required with the ability to present complex technology into layman terms.
Self- motivated, creative, willing to work as a member of a team, organized and able to manage individual schedule.
Ability to work in a dynamic environment and non-standard hours when needed.
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