Sr. Computer Scientist

Location: Fort Meade, Maryland, United States
Date Posted: 05-14-2018
A minimum of 7 years of computer science experience with high-level language software programming.
Within the last 7 years, a minimum of 5 years experience with designing, coding, testing, and debugging software to run under either Microsoft Windows (XP or later) or UNIX (Solaris 8 or later, Redhat LINUX) Operating System.
Within the last 7 years, a minimum of 5 years experience in at least one (1) of the specializations listed in Table E.
A BS degreed Computer Scientist with a minimum 7 years’ experience that must meet the Sr. Computer Scientist qual sheet (No technical wavier). A BS degree in Computer Science or related field can be substituted for 2 years experience

Requires 7 years of software development using high level languages (BS degree in Computer Science can be substituted for 2 years of experience)
• Within the last 7 years, 5 years of experience on LINUX
• This position requires someone that can pick up new technologies very quickly, operate independently, work with high level requirements, and has the ability to work in a rapid prototyping environment
• Full Stack development experience
• Experience with Javascript
• Strong JAVA
• Requires the use of frameworks (spring boot, angular, django) to build both rapid prototypes and scalable full-stack products in both team and independent environments.
• Familiarity with common design patterns  (command pattern, strategy pattern, singleton pattern)
• Experience with JUNITs
• Strong LINUX experience  required
• Self-motivated, problem solver, very flexible


Preferred Qualifications
• Experience with Gitlab
• Experience with Angular JS
• Experience with HTML5
• Experience with scripting (Python, C, BASH, etc.)
• Work with relational databases (postgres)
• Experience with VMs
• Familiar with Jenkins
• Familiar with Gradel (build tool)
• Familiar with NGINX (proxy to get to web app)
• Familiar with Eclipse or IntelliJ
• Knowledge of Docker (open-source project that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers)
• Ability to setup a LINUX development environment and basic system administration
• Familiar with telecommunications systems, SDH, OTN, web technologies, etc.

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