Systems Engineer

Location: Fort Meade, Maryland
Date Posted: 10-19-2017
Job Description: 
This position supports the DOS organization, providing systems engineering expertise for Smart Data Integrity Resolution Team (SDIRT) to identify, document, and investigate all data integrity and quality control facets of Smart Data tags in the Cloud.  Accurate data tagging in the Cloud is needed to enable verification of compliance with internal and external oversight authorities and policies. A candidate for this position must be interested in investigating metadata, security markings, and data flow anomalies.  It requires a thorough understanding of customer data flows and a passion for investigating root causes of anomalies.  Duties include:
  • Execute creative strategies to discover data quality problems
  • Navigate across organizations to bring people and ideas together to develop creative solutions for data integrity
  • Troubleshoot and investigate processes and threads for data integrity (root cause analysis)
  • Ensure compliance with relevant policy.
  • Maintain a focus on data management processes for accuracy, completeness, and correctness.
Individual Capabilities Required:
  • Experience with Data Flow processes.
  • Experience in analytic and critical thinking
  • Excellent knowledge of Customer threads.
  • Passion for solving problems, developing creative solutions, and root cause analysis.
  • Knowledge of SIGINT and SIGINT Authorities
  • Self-directing
  • Excellent organizational skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills
  • Must work well on a team.  Understanding one’s limitations and knowing when to ask for other perspectives will go a long way to achieving success in this job.
Individual Capabilities Desired:
  • Previous experience working with policy and compliance.
  • Experience in Data Provenance
  • Familiarity of SIGINT data markings
  • Knowledge of Modernized Data Format (i.e., Smart Data Tagging)
  • Experience with investigative procedures
  • Background in the customer mission, especially retrieving information from raw data repositories.
  • Experience/knowledge of agency data flows and processes.
  • Experience in Information Systems
  • Flexible work schedule
  • SharePoint, JIRA, and other tracking tools
  • MS Office Applications
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